02.02.17 | Cleveland Lady Barons and Gilmour Girls Announce Merger

JANUARY 31, 2017

The Cleveland Lady Barons and the Gilmour Girls are pleased to announce their merger for the upcoming 2017-2018 season. Our programs will work together to grow girls hockey in the Cleveland area. Our goal with this merger is to give all girls an opportunity to play hockey at the level that best suits their individual talents without having to leave Cleveland. By merging our programs, we broaden our reach and will be able to field stronger, more balanced teams at the older age levels. At the younger levels, we’ll be able to get more girls involved in hockey by bringing together girls from both the east and west side of Cleveland. This will strengthen the program from top to bottom. As you well know, the more competitive our teams are – even at the 10U part-time level – the more recognition our program, and girls hockey in general, will receive.

Between our two programs, we currently have more than 100 girls playing and we are excited to build on that. We will both still maintain our own programs while working as one program. We will recruit together, have tryouts together, and make decisions together for the betterment of the girls. Ice will be utilized at Winterhurst, Gilmour and Barons Arena. At the 16U and 19U levels, the teams will continue to wear Gilmour jerseys, while the 14U and younger teams will wear Lady Barons jerseys.

The teams we will field:

10U and 12U – Part time tournament teams as we have now. We are hopeful to have Tier 1 and Tier 2 at both ages. In the past we have had a lot of success with these two teams with a couple tournament wins and our U-12s being ranked #7 in the US. 10U birth year will include all ages including mites. We currently have girls as young as four years old skating with us. Tryouts- End of March TBD

14U – There will be Tier 1 and Tier 2 national bound teams. Depending on commitment to full time players we are still undetermined if both will be full time teams. Tryouts- Mid-end of April.

16U – There will be Tier 1 and Tier 2 national bound teams and both will be full time. Tryouts- mid-end of April TBD

19U – There will be a U19 Tier 1 national bound team out of Gilmour Academy. Currently there is
only enough players for a Tier 1 but if we do have enough interest we would field a Tier 2 national bound team as well.

At the 19 level, we encourage the girls to apply and attend Gilmour Academy because this is a Girls Prep school team. Gilmour Academy is 15 miles east of Cleveland located on a beautiful campus in Gates Mills Ohio. The school is academically strong and will allow the girls to develop to the next level (collegiate) on and off the ice. These girls will have access to ice every day after school, rapid shooting system, and the new weight training room.

Gilmour Academy has brought in Rob Potter from Minneapolis, Minn., where he owns and manages a hockey training program/facility attracting elite athletes from around the world. In each of the past eight years, he has trained and coached 25 to 30 women who participated in the Top 60 Camp for the best female hockey players in the nation. He has also coached hundreds of female hockey players who have advanced to Division I, Division III and US Olympic hockey teams. He brings extensive experience developing student-athletes, preparing them to handle the unique emotional, mental and physical stress of high-performance sports as students. He is and will be an excellent addition to Gilmour Academy and the growth of their hockey program. The Lady Barons also look forward to working with him.

We are currently still looking for a couple coaches to fill in one or two vacant spots.
Please contact if interested.

This is an exciting time for both programs and we are happy to answer any questions. There will be more info to come out shortly as we work through the specific details.

Wendy Brown, Lady Barons Director – bmj25@aol.com
Rob Potter– Gilmour Girls Prep Coach – robpotter12@yahoo.com
Mike Chiellino– Gilmour Youth Hockey Director – chiellinom@gilmour.org

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