Barons. For Life.

Since 1993, the Cleveland Barons Organization has helped developed some of the top hockey talent in the country with over 160+ NCAA Division I alumni and 19 NHL draft picks. Today, we continue our strong development model by fielding two teams—Barons Elite and Barons Black— at almost every age level. 

The Barons Elite teams play in the Tier 1 Elite League, where as the Barons Black teams play an independent, competitive schedule tailored for each particular team.

 Regardless of team, we teach all of our Barons boys and girls to play with passion, dignity, and tenacity, so they can someday reach their hockey goals.

 In the words of the late, great Barons Coach Tim Alexander, “We are going to make you do things you don’t want to do, so that you can become the player you want to be.”

Tim Alexander

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Tim Alexander


We have some of the best, most qualified coaches in the region. Every Barons coach is 100% committed to player development.

Ice Time

All of our players get at least three (3) hours of ice practice time per week, along with an additional one (1) hour of skill development ice time on Sundays.


We strive to give all of our players the best competition at every practice and game. Our organization is proud to be a member of the Tier One Elite Hockey League — one of the most competitive youth hockey leagues in the country, from Boston to Los Angeles.


We’re dedicated to developing more than just great hockey players. We pride ourselves on growing leaders who understand the importance of teamwork, dealing with adversity, and going beyond their comfort zone.

Strength and Conditioning/Off-Ice Work

All Barons teams will receive off-ice training through Strength Fitness & Therapy located in the same complex as Barons Arena. Each player gets the opportunity to work with certified trainers to develop muscle, build speed, and prevent injuries.

1993-1994Jeff EmbreeColgate University
2015-2016Curtis HallYale University
2014-2015Gueorgui FeduolovMercyhurst College
2014-2015Andrew QuetellArmy
2013-2014Austin KamerMichigan State University
2012-2013Max ReisingerRPI
2013-2014William HarrisonSt. Lawrence University
2011-2012Grant ValentineMiami University
2012-2013Walker SommerAir Force Academy
2013-2014Paul McAvoyColgate University
2014-2015Croix EvingsonUmass-LowellNHL
2006-2007Kelli StackBoston College NCAA Captain
2009-2010Blake BoldenBoston College NCAA Captain
2012-2013Jess BrownCornell University
2002-2003Tommy GoebelOhio State University NCAA CaptainPro
2012-2013Tommy ParranOhio State University
1997-1998Tonty DeLorenzoMichigan Technological University
2008-2009Travis JekeBoston College
2005-2006Trent BonnetBentley College NCAA Captain
2003-2004Trevor MallonNiagara University
1997-1998Trevor WolfeUniversity of FindlayPro
2012-2013Trey BradleyColorado College
2006-2007Tucker BrockettPrinceton University
2008-2009Vince MihalekCornell University
2004-2005Zak ZarembaArmy
2001-2002Rocco MolinaroSacred Heart University NCAA Captain
2006-2007Ron CramerRobert Morris University
2002-2003Rory FarrellUnion College
2002-2003Russ SinkewichBowling Green State UniversityPro
1997-1998Ryan FultzBowling Green State UniversityPro
2002-2003Ryan McMullanUniversity of Alaska-Anchorage
1996-1997Scott McIlroyUniversity of Alaska-Fairbanks
2001-2002Sean CollinsOhio State University NCAA CaptainNHL
2012-2013Shawn BrennanMerrimack College
2011-2012Sonny MilanoNHL
2009-2010Steve PerryClarkson University
2004-2005Steve SilverWestern Michigan University
2014-2015Steven IpriMercyhurst College
2011-2012Steven MerlUniversity of Michigan
1993-1994Taj SchafnnitOhio State University NCAA CaptainPro
2002-2003Theo ZacourAir Force Academy
1994-1995Tim BrokawColgate University NCAA Captain
2010-2011Tom ComunuleUniversity of Connecticut
2004-2005Tom FristcheOhio State UniversityNHL
2005-2006Tomas PetruskaBowling Green State UniversityPro
2003-2004Mike RubertoCanisius College
1996-1997Mike RuppNHL
2012-2013Mitch PerraultHarvard University
2003-2004Nathan DavisMiami University NCAA CaptainNHL
2009-2010Neil ConwayPro
2005-2006Nicholas KosinskiNorthern Michigan University
2004-2005Nick BiondoOhio State University NCAA Captain
1997-1998Nick FieldFerris State University
1998-1999Nick JardineMiami University
2012-2013Nick JennyRobert Morris University
2010-2011Nick MaygarNHL
2005-2006Patrick GoebelMercyhurst College NCAA Captain
2004-2005Patrick SchaferOhio State UniversityPro
2001-2002Peter HarroldBoston College NCAA CaptainNHL
2001-2002Peter ManninoDenver UniversityNHL
2009-2010Phil DesimoneUniversity of New HampshireNHL
2000-2001Phil MeyerFerris State University
1998-1999Phil MeyerFerris State University
2009-2010Philip NascaNiagara University
2001-2002Rob LaLondeMerrimack CollegePro
2008-2009Kyle PlagemanArmy
1996-1997Larry HullBowling Green State University
2000-2001Lee JacobsonPro
2007-2008Marcel AlvarezArmy NCAA Captain
2004-2005Mark ArmstrongSt. Lawrence University
2006-2007Mark NascaColgate University
2000-2001Matt DavisMiami University NCAA Captain
2000-2001Matt FieldArmy
2013-2014Matt JurusikUniversity of Wisconsin
1998-1999Matt MigliaccioMichigan State University
1993-1994Matt OliverUniversity of Maine
2002-2003Matt PalmerBrown University
2003-2004Matt RubertoCanisius College
2004-2005Matt ShouneyiaMichigan State University
2008-2009Maurice AlvarezArmy
2002-2003Mike BeckUniversity of New HampshirePro
1994-1995Mike BrusseauMichigan State University
1995-1996Mike JonesBowling Green State University NCAA CaptainNHL
2002-2003Mike MayraAir Force Academy
2000-2001Mike PochatekMercyhurst College
2004-2005John GoebelMerrimack College
2005-2006John KennedyRensselaer Polytechnic Institute NCAA Captain
2005-2006John KivistoMichigan Technological UniversityPro
1999-2000Jon KrallUniversity of WisconsinPro
2011-2012Jonathan McleodBoston CollegeNHL
2002-2003Josh CoyleUnion College
1994-1995Josh HarroldMiami University NCAA CaptainPro
2009-2010Josh NenadalLake Superior State University
2004-2005Justin MercierMiami UniversityPro
2013-2014Justin WellsBowling Green State University
2012-2013Keifer SherwoodMiami University
2000-2001Keith RoweUniversity of Alabama-HuntsvillePro
1999-2000Kelly MillerPro
2005-2006Ken ReiterUniversity of Minnesota-DuluthPro
2009-2010Kevin IrwinUniversity of Vermont
1997-1998Kip HornerBowling Green State University
2000-2001Kris MayotteUnion CollegePro
2004-2005Kurt KivistoMichigan State University
2009-2010Kyle CookMercyhurst College
2008-2009Kyle GibbonsCanisius CollegePro
2013-2014Gordi MyerOhio State University
2007-2008Grant GettingerMercyhurst College
2002-2003Greg BarrettUniversity of Nebraska-Omaha
2008-2009Greg GruehlUniversity of Alabama-Huntsville
2003-2004Ian KeserichOhio State UniversityNHL
2004-2005J. VelasquezRobert Morris University
2004-2005Jacob CepisUniversity of MinnesotaPro
2009-2010Jake HillenbrandMichigan State UniversityPro
2009-2010Jake SofferRensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2003-2004James UngerBowling Green State University
2008-2009Jamie ReganUniversity of New Hampshire
2007-2008Jason BinkleyFerris State UniversityPro
2004-2005Jason WeeksCanisius College
2007-2008Jay CamperUniversity of New Hampshire
1996-1997Jay VancikUniversity of Michigan NCAA CaptainNHL
2011-2012Jerad RosburgMichigan State Unversity
2004-2005Jeremy TejchmaWayne State University
2004-2005Jim BurichinNiagara University
2000-2001Jim SlaterMichigan State University NCAA CaptainNHL
2004-2005John AlbertOhio State University NCAA CaptainNHL
1999-2000Colin ShieldsUniversity of MaineNHL
1998-1999Craig BusheyUniversity of Alabama-Huntsville
2000-2001Dan FritscheNHL
2007-2008Daniel BahntgeMercyhurst CollegePro
2013-2014Daniel KucervoyBentley College
2002-2003Derek PunchesCornell University
2005-2006Derek RoehlWestern Michigan UniversityPro
2001-2002Dominic OsmanLake Superior State UniversityPro
2009-2010Doug LeavertonColorado College
2012-2013Drew VolgerMerrimack College
2002-2003Dylan RowBrown University
2007-2008Eamon McdermottColorado College NCAA Captain
1994-1995Eric EvansFerris State University
2005-2006Eric RexCanisius College
2006-2007Eric RingelUniversity of Notre Dame
1994-1995Erik KaminskiNortheastern UniversityNHL
2007-2008Erik MihalikColgate University
2005-2006Erik SefechikArmy NCAA Captain
2010-2011Freddy GerardOhio State University
2006-2007George MichalkeAir Force Academy NCAA Captain
2012-2013Brandon FusaroArmy
2001-2002Brandon KalenieckiUniversity of Michigan NCAA Captain
2012-2013Brandon SchultzNortheastern University
1997-1998Brett DavisUniversity of Nebraska-Omaha
2002-2003Brett JohnWestern Michigan University
2003-2004Brian BicekWestern Michigan UniversityPro
2005-2006Brooks OstergardRobert Morris UniversityPro
2007-2008C.J. GrohUniversity of Alabama-Huntsville
1998-1999Carl VeolkerWayne State University
2002-2003Carmen PosteraroMerrimack College
2002-2003Carson StrangUnion College
2005-2006Carter CamperMiami University NCAA CaptainNHL
2005-2006Charles BrockettYale University
2013-2014Charlie GerardMinnesota State University
1993-1994Chris BogasMichigan State University NCAA CaptainNHL
2002-2003Chris ColvinArmy
2005-2006Chris ReedOhio State University NCAA CaptainPro
2006-2007Christian LongColgate University
2005-2006Clark MacLeanNiagara University
2011-2012Cole CasselsPro
2005-2006Aaron PietilaMichigan Technological University
2014-2015Adam ScheelUniversity of Notre Dame
2008-2009Alex LippincottOhio State University
2010-2011Alex NedeljkovicNHL
2003-2004Andrew EggertUniversity of Notre Dame
1999-2000Andy FranckMercyhurst CollegePro
2001-2002Andy WalbertAmerica International College
2001-2002Baron BeckerUniversity of Vermont
2002-2003Ben AssenmacherBowling Green State University
2001-2002Ben CamperColgate University
1995-1996Ben SimonUniversity of Notre Dame NCAA CaptainNHL
2001-2002Bill ThomasUniversity of Nebraska-OmahaNHL
2004-2005Blake MacNicolUniversity of Alabama-Huntsville
2011-2012Blake SiebenalerNHL
2003-2004Bob HelminenNorthern Michigan University
1996-1997Bobby AndrewsUniversity of Alaska-Fairbanks NCAA CaptainPro
2005-2006Bobby JaroszMichigan State UniversityPro
1993-1994Brad HolzingerBowling Green State University NCAA CaptainPro
2002-2003Brad SmithUniversity of Connecticut
2002-2003Brain D’ArcyUniversity of Notre Dame